Nikolas Tsagkas

PhD candidate @ University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Centre for Robotics


Informatics Forum,

10 Crichton Street,

Edinburgh, EH8 9AB

I am a PhD candidate, at the MAPS Lab and the School of Informatics - University of Edinburgh, sponsored by the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics, under the supervision of Prof. Chris Xiaoxuan Lu. My research objective is to improve the real-time spatial perception in robotics, utilizing Neural Fields.

In November 2021, I completed with distinction the Artificial Intelligence master’s programme at the University of Edinburgh. For my master’s dissertation project I worked on a novel inference and learning algorithm for generative capsule models, under the supervision of Prof. Chris Williams.

In 2019, I was awarded the Diploma of Electrical and Computer Engineering, from the University of Patras, in Greece (graduated 4th in my class out of 202 students – GPA: 8.11 out of 10). I completed my ECE Diploma thesis under the supervision of Prof. Athanassios Skodras, researching the use of CNNs for real-time hand-gesture recognition via sEMG signals. Our work was presented at the IISA’19 international conference.

Moreover, working under the supervision of Prof. Konstantinos Moustakas at the VVR group, I researched the use of Haptics in self-driving vehicles, by taking part in the 2nd Student Challenge in Automotive Haptics, at the WHC’19 in Tokyo, Japan, where our team received the “Best Student Innovation Challenge Award”.


Jan 15, 2023 :pencil: will serve as reviewer @ ICLR-2023: Neural Fields across Fields,
Oct 25, 2022 :rotating_light: our paper Inference for Generative Capsule Models was accepted at Neural Computation,
Apr 1, 2022 :trophy: awarded the CDT-RAS PhD studentship - Supervisor: Prof. Chris Xiaoxuan Lu,
Mar 14, 2022 :rotating_light: new paper available @ ArXiv: Inference for Generative Capsule Models,
Oct 15, 2021 :trophy: graduated from the UoE, with distiction (Artificial Intelligence MSc).